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  •      Denture

  •      Implant Retained Dentures [IRD] ​ - Utilizing Dental Implants to retain loose                        & unstable dentures.

  •      Extractions - Emergency Services & for Immediate Dentues & Partial Dentures   

  •      Surgical Services for Immediate Dentures & Partial Dentures

  •      Dental Implants for tooth/teeth replacement

  •      Dental Implants to stabilize/retain loose/non-stable dentures.

  •      Fast Denture/Partial Denture repairs




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Dentures & More / Coastal Dental Services’ primary dental treatment service is Removable Dental Prosthetics (Dentures and Partial Dentures).


We also provide Dental Implants for the purpose of securing, stabilizing, and retaining a loose or floating denture.  This process, referred to as the IRD, is to stabilize loose & unstable dentures. 

This is the "FIX for Loose Dentures"  ---- See the "Loose Dentures Syndorme Blog" for a more detailed explanation and fill out the Contact Us form [top right of this page] for a free evaluation and "in person" explanation/discussion.


We also place Dental Implants to replace missing teeth -- Individual Teeth.


We appeal to patients of all ages who are either denture wearers or who are in need of the dental surgical services to be fitted for dentures.


Our office is conveniently located in the Southside of Jacksonville Florida area, just off I-95 at Butler Boulevard (N.E. corner -- Southpoint Business area). We have our own in-office laboratory which provides us with the capability of a "hands-on" fabrication process to cater to our patient's unique and individual needs. Having our own in-office laboratory allows us to make dentures as rapidly as a day, and almost always within a week or less, and providing a repair service that most times can be done while you wait.


Our Dentists have concentrated their professional practices to the science and art of Dentures for over 30 years. We have developed our proprietary denture fabrication technique and process that provides the highest state-of-the-art quality dentures in the shortest possible delivery time. We can fabricate your dentures in a week to a week & a half depending on variables and circumstances specific to each individual patient, or in cases where time is critical, as quickly as the same day.


We provide our denture services to meet every individual requirement for quality depending on each patient’s personal physical, conceptual, esthetics, and functional needs. All of our dentures are personally custom constructed for each individual patient.


Our fees vary for each individual patient depending on an analysis of your specific needs.Our services are both competitive with other denture suppliers and are AFFORDABLE, while painstakingly providing state of the art quality.


We have varied qualities of dentures designed to meet any financial need from economy, to customized, highest state-of-the-art cases. Each patient possesses individually unique requirements. We individualize fees for your services based on our analysis of your needs, the requirements imposed based on the physical condition of your ridges, and upon your personal and financial needs and requirements. There is simply not a situation where one denture or one service fits all.


We do, however, locally advertise our fees based on categories of service, quality, and individual requirements. These fees will vary due to the personal and physical requirements of each individual patient, and it is important to remember that varied patient needs and personal requirements will result in variances of the fees charged.

         Fees & prices are difficult, if not impossible, to accurately quote without first having seen, examined, and evaluated each patient to assess their physical condition, individual treatment needs and mental approach to the treatment needed.

         As denture services are not only a commodity, but also a very individualized service, we generally refrain from pricing a "one-fits-all" price.  It is our policy to quote specific individual denture prices after first seeing and evaluation the patient. What we do, however, is make it our policy to either meet or beat the quoted fee for your denture service from any other provider of denture services from the Northeast Florida area. Frankly, constructing dentures for people is just too personal and individual to be able to effectively just “list prices” as if you are just buying just a piece of plastic that looks like teeth --- this is why we give guidelines and areas of fees for general qualities of dentures, however, it is the issue of varying individual physical and personal requirements that simply just cannot be reduced to merely a product. Even though a denture is a product, it is also a very, very personal one.

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