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Thanks for visiting us! We can help answer questions you may have about your dental treatment needs.
We have been treating Jacksonville Florida patients in the same location and with the same Doctor since 1981, and have litterally treated over 10,000 people in that time span with an superior result and patient satisfaction record.  If you have gone to another denture outlet and are uncomfortable with their treatment or have to see different Doctors each time, then we are your Solution.  You will see the same Doctor for Dentures/Surgery/Implants without having to go to another office.
The test of time has proven that we are "THE" source for denture treatment in NorthEast Florida.

Please look around and feel free to contact us at any time by clicking on the "Contact Us" button to the right; or feel free to call our office:

Jacksonville Southside 904-296-7757

The Dentures & More Office primary dental treatment service is Removable and Fixed tooth replacement/restoration. This includes Dentures, Dental Implants, Implant Retained Dentures. Extractions and Surgery for Immediate Dentures & Partial Dentures, and all other denture related treatments.
Dental Implants for both individual tooth replacement up to full arch teeth replacement and Implant Retained/Stabilized Dentures & Partial Dentures.

We are a full service Denture Care Center with our office in Jacksonville, Florida, in the Southpoint Business Area on the East side of I-95 off of The Butler Blvd. Interchange (North-East Quadrant); we also have own on-site laboratory which enables us to quickly make and repair dentures in-house.

We appeal to patients of all ages who are either denture wearers or who are in need of the dental surgical services required to be fitted for dentures or partial dentures -- Immediate Dentures. To see examples of our Immediate Denture Cases, click:  Before and After

We provide Dental Implants for individual or multiple tooth replacement and for Implant Retained/Stabilized Dentures. To learn more about Dental Implants for teeth replacement applications, and their use to retain & stabilize dentures, click:  Implants

Our Dentists have concentrated their professional practices to the science and art of Removable & Fixed Dental Prosthetics (Dentures, Partial Dentures, Implant retained-stabilized dentures, and Implant tooth replacement) for over 35 years. We have developed our proprietary denture fabrication technique and process that provides the highest state-of-the-art quality dentures in the shortest possible delivery time. Depending on the circumstances specific to each individual patient, we can fabricate your denture(s) within one to two days, or in cases where time is critical, as quickly as one day.
-- We have a same-day denture service for those who require it and request this service.

We provide our denture care services to meet every individual requirement for quality depending on each patient’s personal physical, conceptual, esthetics, and functional needs. All of our dentures are personally custom constructed for each individual patient.

Our fees vary for each individual patient depending on an analysis of your specific needs and requirements. Our services are both competitive with other denture suppliers and are AFFORDABLE & ECONOMICAL, while painstakingly providing state of the art quality.  For our patients who are tight on their budget, we offer a "Meet or Beat" service where we will accept the fees quoted by other Affordable or Economy outlets in the area.  For more information on this service, click on the "Meet or Beat" icon from the top tool bar -- -- all you have to do is bring your quote with you for your free evaluation, and we'll meet it, or beat it!

We have varied qualities of dentures designed to meet any financial requirement from economy, to customized, highest state-of-the-art cases. Each patient possesses individually unique requirements, desires, and needs. We individualize fees for your services based on our analysis of your needs, the requirements imposed based on the physical condition of your ridges, and upon your personal and financial needs and requirements. There is simply not a situation where one denture or one service fits all.
We also offer a "FREE DENTURE" program for large surgical cases where there are 10, or more, teeth in an arch.  Click on the "FREE DENTURE PROGRAM" to read more about this feature. 
We do periodically locally advertise our fees based on categories of service, product quality, and individual requirements. These fees will vary due to the unique circumstances of each individual patient, and it is important to remember that varied patient needs and personal requirements will result in variances of the fees charged.

Lastly, but importantly, we offer our services for patients who have been to other dental treatment facilities, but want more information or a second opinion. We will offer the same service at the same fees quoted you by any other local Dental Office. So, feel free to call us for a second opinion or for a different option for treating your dental problem and bring your quote so we can meet it, or beat it. We can frequently find a suitable solution for any specific treatment situation and save you money in the process -- sometimes, a lot of money!.
So -- we are in the business to provide Dentures and teeth replacement treatments for all people -- and we will cater our services to meet your budget which allows us to cater to all patients unique needs.  There is no one single solution or price point that meets all people's needs or budget restrictions.   We handle it all, from "A" to "Z".
All you have to do is fill out the Free Evaluation form, and we will explain and find a solution for your treatment need that you can afford.


Hi!  I am Kristi.  

I am a real patient of Dr. Davis'.

You can learn more about my story by visiting my "YouTube" Channel (KALINJAX) where I have posted a number of videos documenting my experience from the day of surgery for my Immediate Denture through having that transitional denture replaced, to my Implant procedure to support my current dentures.


Also, view my introductory video for Dentures & More and Doctor Davis on this site's home page.


You can also visit my website which is actually more of a blog documenting my personal experiences transitioning into and living with dentures.


I hope you will allow Dr. Davis to help you with your denture, Implants, and dental surgery needs.


Thanks! Message sent.



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Address:  4402 OLD SALISBURY RD

               JACKSONVILLE, FL. 32216

Phone:     904-296-7757

Fax:         904-296-0147





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